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14. Ernestine A. Lee, Sergey A. Astakhov, David Farrelly, Production of trans-Neptunian binaries through chaos-assisted capture // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 379, 229-246 (2007) (preprint).

13. Sergey A. Astakhov, Alexander Kraskov, Harald Stögbauer, and P. Grassberger, Monte Carlo Algorithm for Least Dependent Non-Negative Mixture Decomposition // Analytical Chemistry, 78 (2006) 1620-1627 (preprint).

12. Sergey A. Astakhov, Ernestine A. Lee, David Farrelly, Formation of Kuiper-belt binaries through multiple chaotic scattering encounters with low-mass intruders // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 360(2), 401-415 (2005) (preprint).

11. Sergey A. Astakhov, Harald Stögbauer, Alexander Kraskov, Peter Grassberger, Spectral Mixture Decomposition by Least Dependent Component Analysis, (preprint).

10. Sergey A. Astakhov and David Farrelly, Capture and Escape in the Elliptic Restricted Three-Body Problem // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 354(4), 971-979, (2004) (preprint).

9. Harald Stögbauer, Alexander Kraskov, Sergey A. Astakhov and Peter Grassberger, Least Dependent Component Analysis Based on Mutual Information // Physical Review E, 70, 066123 (2004) (preprint).

     see MILCA and SNICA algorithms for Independent Component Analysis 

8. Sergey Astakhov, Andrew Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins & David Farrelly, Dynamics of capture in the restricted three-body problem // in "Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems"ASP Conference Series Vol.316, G. G. Bird, K. V. Kholshevnikov, A. A. Millari, I. I. Nikiforov, and V. V. Orlov (Eds.), Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA, 2004, pp. 80-85. (preprint).
7. Sergey A. Astakhov, Andrew D. Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins & David Farrelly, Chaos-assisted capture of irregular moons // Nature , 423, 264-267 (2003).

6. Sergey A. Astakhov, Victor I. Baranov and Lev A. Gribov, Standardless spectrochemical analysis and direct simulations of time-resolved vibronic spectra of polyatomic molecules, isomers and mixtures // Journal of Molecular Structure 655(1), 97-123 (2003).

5. S.A. Astakhov and V.I. Baranov, Simulation of time-resolved vibronic spectra and the possibility of analyzing molecules with similar spectral properties // Optics and Spectroscopy , 92(1), 20-26 (2002). (Russian version)

4. S.A. Astakhov, V.I. Baranov and L.A. Gribov, Standardless analysis of multicomponent mixtures of substances by time-resolved vibronic spectroscopy // Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 56(7), 625-634 (2001). (Russian version)

3. L.A. Gribov, V.I. Baranov and S.A. Astakhov, On the possibility of standardless analysis of a substance by time-resolved spectroscopy in UV and visible regions // Doklady Chemistry , 374(4), 203-207 (2000). (Russian version)

2. S.A. Astakhov and V.I. Baranov, Modeling of time-resolved vibronic spectra of polyatomic molecules: the formulation of the problem and analysis of kinetic equations // Optics and Spectroscopy , 90(2), 199-206 (2000). (Russian version)

1. S.A. Astakhov, B.P. Bezruchko, Ye.P. Seleznev, D.A. Smirnov Evolution of basins of attraction of coupled period doubling systems // IZV. VYSSH. UCHEBN. ZAV. Prikladnaya nelineinaya dinamika (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics). 5(2-3), 87-100 (1997) (in Russian).

2. S.A. Astakhov, B.P. Bezruchko, A.V. Zborovsky, N.M.Ryskin. Selfmodulation phenomena and chaos in interacting electron beam and backward wave . Saratov State University. 1997, 23 p. (in Russian).
1. S.A. Astakhov, B.P. Bezruchko, A.V. Gribanov. Electromagnetic solitons . Saratov State University. 1997, 20 p. (in Russian).

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2004 The National Dean's List 2003-2004

1999-2002 Russian Federation stipend for young scientists

1999 Moscow State University Award in Analytical Chemistry

1995,1996,1997 Student research fellowships from the International Soros Science Foundation

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  Analytica Chimica Acta
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  Applied Spectroscopy
  FWF - The Austrian Science Fund
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